disclosure policy

This is NOT a business site, and I’m not interested in writing posts that have nothing to do with the subject matter of this blog.  So, NO, I will NOT do a link exchange with your lame-ass sunglasses site.  So don’t even waste your time asking.  I also will not send you samples of beer or baked goods for you to review on your own blog, because I am not a retail or wholesale shop, and I am not looking for customers.  I do all of this in my own house, and am not licensed to sell to the public.

You will see product reviews here, but in most cases, these are items that I personally bought, paid for, and used.  Opinions are 100% our own.  If you are a business who is looking for bloggers to receive and review products relating to homebrewing and baking, hit me up.  Just know that sending me something to review is NOT going to guarantee you a positive review.  If sending me an item to review requires me to write a dishonest review, don’t bother with me.  I won’t do it.

Amazon and other product links are NOT affiliate links unless otherwise specified.  My intent is not to use this site to make money.  I’m doing it for fun.